I have been passionate about interiors for as long as I can remember. As a child I loved our trips to my mother’s native Sweden and have happy memories of admiring beautiful design and interior shops. They say that Scandinavian design is a balance between functionality and aesthetics and this really resonates with me. I never miss an opportunity to explore local design and interior haunts on trips away and I love the thrill of unearthing a vintage treasure.

My other love is children – my own, and those that I have taught over 20-years as a primary school teacher. After having my own three, teaching part time gave me the space to pursue my love of interiors and to train as an interior designer.

Having undertaken a huge renovation project over a long cold winter, with three year old twins and a five year old, I was faced with the challenge of creating an affordable, beautiful but multi-functional space that would suit our busy family life. We survived, I thoroughly enjoyed the process, and from it, the ethos of Weave Interiors was borne out of my desire to achieve this balance for my clients.

One of the constant dilemmas I face in my own home is my appreciation and love for many different interior styles, yet I know that a home needs to flow and to have continuity. I believe in surrounding yourself with things that you love and choosing colours, textures and patterns that make you happy.

Given how much the interiors world has developed over the past few years and the overwhelming amount of inspiration and choice now on offer, I work closely with my clients to present an edited selection of the products and styles of their choosing, saving them precious time in the decision making process. I enjoy the challenge of creating a functional yet beautifully-styled home that reflects the homeowner and the ambiance they wish to create.

Please get in touch to tell me about your project.

Rebecca McCloskey

Weave Interiors